10 Reasons why you need a headshot

10 Reasons why you need a headshot

Headshots can be a hefty investment but they are totally worth it, and I‘m going to tell you why. You can certainly attempt to take a photo yourself, standing up against a white wall. Those are great options if you aren‘t financially able to get a professional one, but once you get to that place, invest in a professional headshot. You will be amazed at the difference.

10 Reasons why you need a headshot

1. They Build Trust

Even someone with an untrained eye can see the difference between a quality professional headshot versus a nonprofessional one. If you show your clients that you are investing in yourself, it builds a level of trust. You look more professional instead of an amateur or a beginner in your field.

2. They build value

If your images look “cheap” your brand comes off that way as well. Well-taken professional images showcase your brand’s value. Most of us try not to judge, but our subconscious will make the judgment for us which can be hard to shake.

10 Reasons why you need a headshot

3. They are important for the first impression

We get a second chance at a lot of things in life, the first impression is not one of them. As I mentioned in the point above, our subconscious makes a judgment before our brains are able to comprehend what we are looking at.

4. It says a lot about your brand

A great professional headshot can speak a thousand words. We already established it offers a great first impression, they show value and builds trust. Your brand is more than just colors, a trained professional portrait photographer is able to capture that in a single image. Speak to your photographer beforehand and tell them about your brand, it will make a big difference in the quality of the outcome.

10 Reasons why you need a headshot

5. Professionalism

As a professional, you need a professional online image. It doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of college looking for your first job, or a seasoned business owner. A great headshot shows your professionalism.

6. Recognition

If you meet with clients at a public place such as a coffee shop, and they have never seen your face aside from the headshot on your website, you want to make sure they can recognize you. A 10-year-old photo of you might not do the trick. If you used to have black hair and dyed it blond, it’s time for a new headshot.

10 Reasons why you need a headshot

7. It shows your personality

Headshots don’t have to be smiling into the camera, you can show off your personality and character in your headshot. It makes you stand out and gives an immediate connection to your client.

8. Confidence booster for you

When you invest in yourself and see yourself in a professional manner such as a headshot will give you, it gives you confidence. You believe in yourself enough to invest in yourself. A great professional headshot can help in changing your mindset to a winning mindset.

10 Reasons why you need a headshot

9. They help you stand out

Not everyone sees the value of a professional headshot. Having one helps you stand out as someone who is trustworthy, believes in themselves, is professional, and has character. Like I said before, headshots don’t have to be traditional, they can be whatever you want them to be.

10. Reminder

Headshots act as a reminder to networking contacts, or other business contacts about how you look like. If you meet someone at a networking event 6 months ago, they might not remember what you look like. Offering a great quality photo on your social media accounts and website helps with that reminder.

10 Reasons why you need a headshot

A professional headshot is so much more than just a photo of you smiling into the camera and standing against a white backdrop. What makes them professional is your pose, natural expression on your face, great lighting, correct lens used for your body type, and relaxed body language. None of those can be achieved with your phone on a tripod or having someone who isn’t trained in the profession of photography take it. Photographers have years of training in not only the technical aspect of photography but also the people aspect. We know how to help you relax, feel confident, bring out your personality, and show off your brand.

If you are ready to take your headshots to a professional level, let’s talk!

How to prepare for your headshot session

A great-quality headshot can do great things for your personal branding. Your headshot can be used in so many different ways, and if you come into your session prepared, and know how you want to use your photo, the better results you are going to get. I‘m a big fan of planning ahead. Don‘t make your headshot a last-minute thing. You already decided to invest in your professional image, give it the grace of planning and preparation. Let‘s get to how to prepare for your headshot session.

How to prepare for your headshot session

Avoid sunburn

A couple of days before your session, stay away from activities that risk you getting sunburned. It can be tempting to go boating, skiing, or just spend the day in your backyard. Sunburn results in red swollen skin, and discoloration between the chest, neck, and face. Wear your sunscreen and cover-up.

Get good sleep

This is very mundane advice. We all know we function better when we get good quality sleep. Not only do we feel and perform better, but it reduces swelling, and under eye conditions.

How to prepare for your headshot session

Drink lots of water

Another cliché but a good one. Soda and alcohol increase swelling and redness on our skin, while water helps clean out the toxins in our bodies and reduces swelling and redness.

Know how you will use your images

If you have a plan for how you will use your headshots, talk to me about it. Pinterest and Instagram use very different photo dimensions, and if I know ahead of time that you will need photos for one or both, you get much better photos. If you want to leave negative space with room for text for a banner, let me know and we will make it happen.

How to prepare for your headshot session

Plan your outfits

Do you want your outfit to fit your brand colors, do you have something to say with your outfit, or do you want to look nice and confident? Either way, it’s great to have a plan. When you feel confident and good about yourself, you produce amazing headshots. It’s always a great idea to consult with your photographer when it comes to outfits, we are full of good advice.


Adding accessories to your outfit is a great idea. Make sure to not over-accessorize though. The focus should be on you. Unless your brand is about your accessories, then go nuts!

How to prepare for your headshot session


Do you prefer to do your own make-up, or would you want to use a professional make-up artist? I offer access to a make-up artist who is absolutely amazing and trained in providing make-up services for photo sessions. Either way, consult with your photographer and we will make it happen.


I know this is another mundane piece of advice, but it is vital that you feel comfortable and relaxed during our session. I will do my best to help you relax and feel comfortable, and confident. When you feel good, your produce great photos. Meditate, journal, take a relaxing bath, go out in nature, and do what you need to do if you are feeling stressed. Take care of yourself, you deserve it.

How to prepare for your headshot session


Using props in your headshot can be great if they fit within your personal brand. Are you a product maker, designer, artist, or anything else that bringing a prop helps, then plan on it. Consult with your photographer first so they can plan for your session before you arrive.

Got a pimple or a blemish?

Don’t cancel your session if you get a pimple or other blemishes. It’s easy to Photoshop out and shouldn’t get in the way of your session. Not to mention, make-up often works great to cover them up.

How to prepare for your headshot session

We want you to feel your best, look your best, and feel as confident as you can, which is why planning for your headshot session is incredibly helpful. A well-planned session reduces your stress levels and guarantees success. Talk to your photographer and set up a plan with them, so both of you can be prepared.

If you want to talk about your next headshot session, click here, and let’s talk!

What to wear for your Corporate Headshot?

 What to wear for your Corporate Headshot?

Congratulations, you decided to invest in your online appearance, and get professional headshots done for your office. Which begs the question, what should I wear for my corporate headshots? Getting your photos done can be a vulnerable exercise. As photographers, we understand. This is why we have ways to help ease the nerves. We aren’t just good with the camera, we are also specialists in body language, posing, lighting, and how to make you look your best.

Let’s get to it, what should you wear for your headshots?

  1. Comfortable clothing

I believe we’ve all opted for the cute outfit over comfort and immediately regretted it once we got to our event. We then spent the whole evening or day, being uncomfortable and not able to pay attention or enjoy what was going on around us. Opting for comfort doesn’t necessarily mean yoga pants and the raggedy T-shirt you’ve had since college. By comfort, we mean, clothes that fit, and fabrics that feel good on your body. And primarily something you FEEL good in.

2. Confidence-boosting wardrobe

We all have that one outfit that gives us a boost of confidence, if you don’t, go find one. There are tons of amazing stylists out there now that are happy to help, in many major clothing stores they are often on staff even. When you feel confident, it shows in your expression and body language. I’m not the only one who looks at you and sees all the beauty, grace, and poise you naturally possess. You will too.

 What to wear for your Corporate Headshot?

3. What you normally wear

If you dress a certain way for your job, then mimic that. You can dress it up a bit if you like, but when it comes down to it, the purpose of your headshot is to connect with your clients. If you normally wear jeans and a shirt, that’s what you should wear. But step it up one level: clean, tidy. If you normally dress casually and wear a full on business professional to your headshot, you become unrelatable to your online crowd. Try to stay as close what your clients see. This becomes tricky for those that work behind the scenes online, and work in their pajamas every day. You have a fun option. Wear the pajamas, or go with whatever gives you the most confidence. Or think if you were to give a talk in front of a group of your ideal clients, how would you want to be seen? I like to recommended going up ‘one step’ from up your daily outfit at least one level — clean, tidy, well fitting.

4. Uniform

This one applies to those that normally wear a uniform at work. We are circling back to making sure our clients recognize us. A fun way to break this up, would be to highlight on your website the person who you will see, and the person when they are off duty. Bring two outfits, your uniform, and your favorite outfit.

5. Bring options

If you aren’t sure what to wear, talk to me, I’ll help you make that decision. Bring a few outfits, and together we will put together the perfect option for what fits you the best.

 What to wear for your Corporate Headshot?

6. Stay on brand

If you have a strong brand, stick with the same color scheme. Is your brand bright pink, wear a bright pink outfit? or maybe something complementary of that strong color. If your brand is more neutral-colored, go neutral, or be the pop of color! You get my drift. Brand consistency is incredibly important when it comes to business, which translates into your wardrobe.

Now that we got the basics covered, let’s dig a little deeper

7. Wear clothes that fit

If you believe wearing baggy clothes hides your body, you are wrong. Form-fitting clothes flatter all body sizes and shapes. Baggy clothes don’t photograph well and tend to transform you into a shapeless blob. I will help you look your best in your images!


8. Patterns and Prints

When it comes to patterns and prints, you do you. If it fits within your brand, flaunt it like the royalty you are! If you on the other hand, always wear solid colors, or minimalistic patterns now is not the time to go wild. We want the best representation of you.

9. Accessories

Again, you do you. In this studio, we celebrate the essence of who you are. If you want to wear a crown, I’m here for it! That being said, from a photographer standpoint, we do suggest that unless it fits your brand, keep the bling to a minimal. The goal is to draw attention to you, your eyes, your smile, your face, and mostly YOUR MESSAGE. We don’t want to distract from that.


10. When in doubt

When in doubt, tell me. I’m here to help. I’ve been doing professional corporate headshots for a long time. I’m an expert in my field and I’m happy to help you pick out your outfit. My main goal is that you feel confident and comfortable. Once that’s achieved, we get absolutely stunning, and amazing photos.

Photographers for body positivity

Photographers for body positivity

I don’t think a single one of us got out of the 90s diet and body image culture unscathed. Man, or a woman. Unrealistic demands and one size fits all impacted our mental health all over the world. The body positivity movement that’s prevalent now, is working hard to undo the damage that’s been done, and I’m here for it.

Photographers for body positivity

I am willing to bet that most of us have tried a diet or two. We might have noticed the needle on the scale move down, alongside our mental health. But who cared, as long as we fit into the jeans, we wanted to shrink ourselves into. Thankfully over the past years, this mentality has been changing, where we are learning to love our bodies, exactly the way they are. We are learning that the person who is the meanest to us, is us.

The average clothing size in the US for women is size 16 – 18. We are slowly, but surely starting to see the average women represent us in the media. On social media, TV, and movies. We are starting to see women rise up, and praise their bodies, with every curve, and wrinkle. Because every body is beautiful. That means you too.

Photographers for body positivity

As a photographer, I see the beauty in you. I’m in awe of how radiant you are, and my job is to highlight that. There is no such thing as a non-photogenic person. Being photogenic is a skill, not a personality trade. When we apply beautiful lighting, correct poses, and a little confidence boost, you’d be surprised just how photogenic you are.

Photographers like me have been fighting for the body image cause for years. The ones of us that see beauty in every single person we meet. We know exactly how to highlight your radiance, your confidence, your intelligence, and your beauty. After our session, we get really excited for you to see your images because all we see is how beautiful you are. Only to become deflated when the person comes back and points out all that they believe is wrong with themselves. What they’ve been taught is not acceptable for our bodies, such as a wrinkle or two. Never mind, that these so-called defects, are normal and should be celebrated. Now imagine if your partner tells you how beautiful you are, and you don’t believe them, because society has convinced you otherwise.

Photographers for body positivity

It’s been a tough road from body hate to body positivity. Photographers everywhere are celebrating this movement as we are seeing more confident men and women in our photo studios. We are seeing more people celebrating their bodies, and what it has done for us. Your body has carried you through life, and all its ups and downs. Most recently it carried you through a pandemic, which is its own type of trauma. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s it carried you through diet pills, restrictive diets, and excessive amounts of hairspray. For some, it carried you through childbirth, no sleep, and the stress that comes with motherhood. Maybe it carried you through trauma either mental or physical. Perhaps your body carried you through a loss of some sort of an illness. How can we not celebrate our bodies seeing how they’ve stood by us through thick and thin!

When you come to see me for your photos, know that I understand. Also know, that I see you, in all your beautiful, radiant glory. Know that I will take care of you and show you just how incredibly photogenic you are. I will guide you through our session, with the delicate care that you deserve. At my studio, we celebrate you, and all you have accomplished. We put you on a pedestal (sometimes literally) because you deserve it. You earned it.

Photographers for body positivity

Now say it with me. I’m an intelligent, beautiful, powerful person. My body is perfect and deserves to be celebrated for all the work it’s done for me.

Click here to schedule a non-obligatory call. We’ll discuss what you are looking for, and if we are the right fit for each other.

20 Quotes from women leaders to empower business women.

As a personal branding photographer, I get to meet amazing Denver-based business owners. Entrepreneurs who are making a difference in other people’s lives. Visionaries, non-profits, groundbreakers, and women who are breaking the glass ceiling. This blog post is inspired by all the wonderful clients I’ve had over the years.

1. “I want little girls to grow up knowing they can do anything, even play football.”

– Jen Welter.

2. “To love what you do and feel like it matters, how could anything be more fun?”

– Katherine Graham.

3.  “Dear optimist, pessimist, and realist – while you guys were busy arguing about the glass of wine, I drank it! Sincerely, opportunist!”

– Lori Greiner.

4. “Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”

– Sara Blakely.

5. “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress.”

– Sandra Makarem.

Businesswomen are changing the world for the better. All these quotes come from women who had a vision and believed they could do it. Every single one of them had to overcome obstacles, naysayers, and pessimists. These amazing women are paving the way for the next generations to come.

6.  “If you want to learn how to be an entrepreneur, don’t believe in the naysayers”

– Lida Djarar Fischer.

7. “Shifting my mindset from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality opened up so many opportunities and experiences.”

– Tracy Komlos.

8. “A confident woman, a woman who truly knows her worth and her power is a force to be reckoned with.”

– Mandy Hale.

9. “Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

– Michelle Obama.

10. “Honor your calling. Everyone has one. Trust your heart, and success will come to you.”

– Oprah Winfrey.

Being an entrepreneur has never been easy. Women supporting women is a powerful force to be reckoned with. There aren’t the same obstacles for women as there are for men. This post is filled with quotes from women who have had to fight the uphill battle and won.

Portraits, Travel

11. “You have to do what you dream of doing, even while you’re afraid.”

– Arianna Huffington.

12. “I don’t go by the rule book. I lead from the heart, not the head.”

– Princess Diana.

13. “No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens.”

– Michelle Obama.

14. “We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes, understanding that failure is not the opposite of success. It’s part of success!”

– Arianna Huffington.

15. “I realized that I don’t have to be perfect. All I have to do is show up and enjoy the messy, imperfect, and beautiful journey of life.”

– Kerry Washington.

These famous businesswomen, world leaders, and visionaries are an inspiration for all of us. I’ve had the honor of photographing so many women who are an inspiration to me and all around them.

Portraits, Travel

16. “I’ve always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.”

– Gloria Vanderbilt.

17. “Listen to what your environment is telling you and let discouraging events push you toward more positive ones. Adjust your perspective and uncover the silver lining!”

– Charlene Walters.

18. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens: but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

– Helen Keller.

19. “Don’t be swayed by overnight success stories. Most entrepreneurs make it after years of hard work.”

– Lavina Rodriguez.

20. “I am an example of what is possible when girls from the very beginning of their lives are loved and nurtured by people around them. I was surrounded by extraordinary women in my life who taught me about quiet strength and dignity.”

– Michelle Obama.

Portraits, Travel

I think it’s fitting to end with that powerful quote from Michelle Obama. When we tell girls from the beginning of their lives, that everything is possible. When girls from a young age see examples of women succeeding in leadership roles, we raise them to become amazing women.

If you want to become my newest inspiration, click here, and let’s talk about how we can level up your brand photos.

How to prepare for Corporate Headshot Session

How to prepare for Corporate Headshot Session, portrait photographer Denver, Colorado
How to prepare for Corporate Headshot Session, portrait photographer Denver, Colorado

Getting headshots taken, is not just scary, but deeply personal. You made the important decision to invest in your business for photos represent the first impression of you online. That’s why I compiled a list of tips for you to prepare for your session. I like you to come into our session as stress-free as possible. We will have fun, I promise.

Before your session, communicate with your photographer everything there is to know about your brand.

Your photographer will take that information and incorporate that into your photo session and is able to prepare properly. The goal is to create your brand story through photos, which can include using the correct brand colors, appropriate props, and perhaps adding in some audience. Your photographer will then pose you in a way that perfectly represents your brand.

Match your wardrobe with your brand colors.

As you know, brand consistency is incredibly important, which is why having a wardrobe that doesn’t clash with your brand colors is a great idea. Bring options. The studio has a wardrobe changing area for your convenience. Your photographer will also advise you on what goes best together for your session.

How to prepare for Corporate Headshot Session, portrait photographer Denver, Colorado

Have an idea of how and where you will use your photos.

If you are looking for a nice banner image with loads of negative space for text, your photographer needs to know. Each social media platform has different orientation preferences. If all your material is for Pinterest, you want long portrait images, but if most of your content goes on Instagram, a square is a much better option.

How to prepare for Corporate Headshot Session, portrait photographer Denver, Colorado

Bring props.

Nothing lets you stand out more than fun props that match your brand. If you are a chef, bring utensils, or pots and pans. If you are a lawyer, bring a laptop or tablet, if you are an artist, bring your artwork or the tools that you use to create your art. Even if you are doing a quick headshot, get one fun photo, and one professional one. In a world where everyone does the same thing, be different.

How to prepare for Corporate Headshot Session, portrait photographer Denver, Colorado

Hair and Make-up.

Mariah Ehlert Photography offers hair and make-up services. Make sure that you decide in due time if you want to utilize the service to avoid scheduling difficulties as the make-up artist has their own schedule. If you chose to do your own make-up, consult with your photographer beforehand for dos and don’ts from a camera standpoint.

Leave the stress at the home.

The more relaxed you are for the session, the better your photos will turn out. Stress translates into your posture and makes you stiff and nervous. It shows. The better prepared you are, the less stressed you should be. The photographer’s job is to take that stress away from you and give you mind-blowing amazing photographs to use for your business. But if you don’t communicate what you want, the likelihood is that you won’t get what you want either.

I hope those tips help for your next corporate headshot session. A positive attitude, communication, and planning go a long way. This should not be a spontaneous act. Getting your portraits done is an investment for your business. Those photos will be used all over the internet and possibly in printed material as well. It’s the first impression and an overall professional look for your company. I cannot stress enough how a great plan gives a great outcome. Lean on me, your photographer, schedule a call and tell me all about your business. Then I’ll help you come up with a plan. You aren’t alone in this, I’m here for you.

Click here to schedule a non-obligatory call. We’ll discuss what you are looking for, and if we are the right fit for each other.

You deserve to invest in yourself this year

2022 is the year of women. We are rising up from all corners of the world, shouting from the top of our lungs, how great we are, how smart we are, and we are crushing it on the business and leadership front.

Women have less mortality if operated on by a female surgeon.

Women are better CEOs.

Women’s voices and LEADERSHIP matter and make a positive impact.

I could go on and on. Women are taking the lead everywhere; you are no exception. You deserve the best. You’ve worked your tail off to keep up your business through a global pandemic. Maybe you’ve also been a mom, had to go through virtual school with your kids, help them with their mental health while going through a pandemic. Maybe you were a daughter to ailing parents. You had to simultaneously care for your parents while also keeping up with your business. It’s safe to say, we’ve all been through a journey for these past couple of years with lots of ups and downs.

We are seeing women all over, conquer the world, and I want to be part of it. I have photographed so many amazing women who are making positive changes. Making lives better through their work. Making a difference. The world deserves to know about each and every one of you. If you don’t put yourself out there, nobody will see your genius.

My role is to give you amazing photos to use for your social media and marketing campaigns. Personal branding photography is about telling your story in images. You can then take those pictures, post them on your social media while staying true to your brand. The goal is for you to have one less thing to think about when running your business. Having a great selection of brand-specific photos of you, allows you to quickly put together your social media posts, blog posts, brand images on your website, author photos, and/or headshots for when you are published.

We live in a visual world where the average doesn’t cut it anymore. Average gets overlooked as your future clients are scrolling through social media. Classy, well lit, professionally posed to look natural capture attention. It encourages someone to stop for a moment and read your message and click that follow button. I get it, social media is hard. Running a business outside of social media is virtually impossible these days. Putting yourself out there is hard. Having professionally done photos that are specific to your brand, helps you build your business, claim your spot as an expert, and shows the world the type of professional you are.

What you have is too special to not shout it out to the world.

I offer a natural light studio in West Wash Park, Denver, Colorado. I take COVID seriously and provide you with a clean, safe studio space. You can leave your stress a the door step (I sweep it away daily, if you don’t want to pick it back up again). I help with the rest, including arranging for a very talented, skilled (and safety minded) makeup artist to get you ready for your session. You are welcome to bring outfit changes and whatever products you want to be highlighted in your session. Don’t worry, I guide you through the poses and outfits and how to showcase your intention. You tell me what you are using your images for, and we make sure to work with your marketing needs.

This year it’s time for you to shine. Get the branding photoshoot you’ve been wanting to get. Invest in yourself. Believe in yourself. I make the process as easy as I can for you. We go through the session quickly, as I understand that your time is valuable.

If you are curious about having a session with me, let’s talk. I offer a pressure-free consult to discuss your needs.

Are you selling yourself effectively?

If your mind went ‘there’, we should be friends, I’m talking about selling your personal brand. As a business owner, you are essentially selling yourself as the center of your brand. With everything being online for everyone to see, you need to make sure that the image you want to portray is accurate.

Selling yourself is not easy, I’ve gathered a few tips for you to get you started.

Let your personality shine

People buy from people, not your logo. Let your personality shine through your photos. The more people can feel the authentic you through the image, the more they connect with you. A great portrait photographer will take the time to get to know you, so they can capture your personality.

Be relatable

The more you can be related to, the better for your social media growth. This is also how you attract the right clientele. If you are a tired mom trying to juggle business and family life, you will get support from other tired moms. If you retired from corporate life to start your own business, and share the struggles that come with that, you will attract those that have done the same. If you are an animal lover, you will attract other animal lovers. Being relatable is not only to gain more audience but also to get a better connection to your audience. People buy from those that they feel a connection with.

Build Credibility and Trust

Strong personal brands build credibility and trust upon first impressions. We are quick to judge and the image you portray online will be either the reason people will follow you or scroll past you. A professional portrait that stands out is priceless when it comes to building up trust.

What does your brand stand for?

A strong personal brand that stands for what is important to them creates connection, credibility, trust, and value. When we feel like we know the person behind the business, we are more likely to shop locally and support small businesses. More importantly, if we like the business owner, we will recommend them to everyone we know.

Become an authority in your space

This is easier said than done. The best way to build your authority is to get published, be a guest on podcasts, guest write for other pages, keep up to date with your own online presence by giving value to others. Constant selling puts people off, they will on the other hand look to you when you give them something of value. As an example, I know very little when it comes to make-up. Instead of going to Sephora and shopping blindly, I look towards experts I trust on social media. I find what they recommend and make a purchasing decision based on that. When there are too many options, we need someone we trust to guide us.


This one will be difficult to hear if you are an introvert. It is essential to create opportunities to meet new people that either share your ideal client or are your ideal clients. This means going to networking events, shaking hands, and building up real-life connections. Then once done, you continue those connections through Linked-in or other social media platforms. Make sure they remember you by coming up with great content paired with professional photos of you. That way they remember your face.

Bottom Line

As much as it sucks, we are judged by our appearance. I’m not talking about your actual looks, but how professionally you conduct yourself through the online space. Having a variety of great professional portrait photos taken by a personal branding photographer makes it easier for you to come up with quality content for your social media, and to be seen as an authority within your space.

It’s time to invest in yourself and get a professional portrait session done. Mariah is an expert in body language and micro-expressions which shines through her photography. The studio is conveniently located in the Wash Park area in Denver, Colorado. It’s well ventilated and meticulously cleaned between each client. We would love to talk about how to level up your personal brand.

What is the most neglected valuable space for your biz?

Cover photos tend to get neglected, a LOT. They typically aren’t high on our To Do list. They are usually one more thing we have to think about after the headshot and the sizes are all so different across the various social media platforms and “what the heck do I use there anyway?!”

And then we give up. We ignore it.

Don’t hide out, show your story everywhere you can. Shine bright.

But I’m here to help give you some renewed vigor in adding a compelling cover photo to your social media sites. I have gotten jobs, leads, power partners, and good friends from my simple cover photo.

It’s important real estate available to you and your business. Use it! In this day of saturated markets, we need to stand out. That space is one more way to put your stamp on and show your brand, show your intention to your prospects.

The dimensions will be different across the different platforms, but that’s a pretty easy fix. You can have your photographer or graphic designer do that for you — or a quick google search will show you. I love to use Canva.com for those, it stays pretty updated on the changes as well.

Now, what to put there? What is going to have the most impact? A lot of that depends on your business. But some basic guidelines I like to share are, to tell as much story as you can!


Are you a speaker? presentor? TEDx talker? SHOW that! Use your speaking images. Show yourself as an authority in your industry. It sends immediate subconscious assumptions of “Oh that person is talking in front of a group, they must really know their stuff.”

Are you a coach? A tradesman? A Maker or dancer or author? This s a great place to show yourself working with a client, or interacting with the tools of your trade, performing, book signing. These sorts of images all tell a story.

So go forth, grab a pal, have a fun brainstorming session and see what you can come up with. See what will show your story best.

Want to brainstorm with me? I’d love to hear your story and see what I can do to help create effective marketing images for your business.

The point is DO business not think about it, right? We all have an important message, product, creation, something to offer this world. I want to help you do that by getting your brand story out there.

And one last word on this profile space: do not neglect your headshot. Make sure it draws people in with a genuine professional image to show your professional, savvy self.

Go forth, now my friends, with intentional images and authentic expressions, Mariah.

Contact me today to review your images and see how we can uplevel them.

How do you, or do you even, ASK? 

We never know until we ask. It’s such a powerful thing. It can be scary, because we don’t want to be declined, and may take a rejection personally, but most of the times any rejection has very little to do with us personally. 

To take it all a step further into our brains — our brains will also try to stop us from asking by throwing self doubt, insecurities, and more to try to get us to keep the current, predictable, same-old-same-old path. Change is scary to our lizard (fight or flight part of the brain) so it will try to avoid change. 

However, change is required with growth, with goals, with ambitions. SOmething needs to change for us to grow. Asking can feel vulnerable, to put out that we need or want something from someone else, but it is also a great strength.  

Asking can also mean discovering great partnerships, new leads, new ideas, collaborations. It’s a powerful thing to do. 

AND we might actually get what we ask for! So, ask. 

Here’s my ask: grab some friends and come get updated headshots, it’s a new season, and you’ve got new energy, let’s show it. I’m also offering a group discount. And a space to hang out and connect, network. Call me today to find out more.

Asking is a big part of entrepreneurship