How to prepare for Corporate Headshot Session

How to prepare for Corporate Headshot Session, portrait photographer Denver, Colorado

Getting headshots taken, is not just scary, but deeply personal. You made the important decision to invest in your business for photos represent the first impression of you online. That’s why I compiled a list of tips for you to prepare for your session. I like you to come into our session as stress-free as possible. We will have fun, I promise.

Before your session, communicate with your photographer everything there is to know about your brand.

Your photographer will take that information and incorporate that into your photo session and is able to prepare properly. The goal is to create your brand story through photos, which can include using the correct brand colors, appropriate props, and perhaps adding in some audience. Your photographer will then pose you in a way that perfectly represents your brand.

Match your wardrobe with your brand colors.

As you know, brand consistency is incredibly important, which is why having a wardrobe that doesn’t clash with your brand colors is a great idea. Bring options. The studio has a wardrobe changing area for your convenience. Your photographer will also advise you on what goes best together for your session.

How to prepare for Corporate Headshot Session, portrait photographer Denver, Colorado

Have an idea of how and where you will use your photos.

If you are looking for a nice banner image with loads of negative space for text, your photographer needs to know. Each social media platform has different orientation preferences. If all your material is for Pinterest, you want long portrait images, but if most of your content goes on Instagram, a square is a much better option.

How to prepare for Corporate Headshot Session, portrait photographer Denver, Colorado

Bring props.

Nothing lets you stand out more than fun props that match your brand. If you are a chef, bring utensils, or pots and pans. If you are a lawyer, bring a laptop or tablet, if you are an artist, bring your artwork or the tools that you use to create your art. Even if you are doing a quick headshot, get one fun photo, and one professional one. In a world where everyone does the same thing, be different.

How to prepare for Corporate Headshot Session, portrait photographer Denver, Colorado

Hair and Make-up.

Mariah Ehlert Photography offers hair and make-up services. Make sure that you decide in due time if you want to utilize the service to avoid scheduling difficulties as the make-up artist has their own schedule. If you chose to do your own make-up, consult with your photographer beforehand for dos and don’ts from a camera standpoint.

Leave the stress at the home.

The more relaxed you are for the session, the better your photos will turn out. Stress translates into your posture and makes you stiff and nervous. It shows. The better prepared you are, the less stressed you should be. The photographer’s job is to take that stress away from you and give you mind-blowing amazing photographs to use for your business. But if you don’t communicate what you want, the likelihood is that you won’t get what you want either.

I hope those tips help for your next corporate headshot session. A positive attitude, communication, and planning go a long way. This should not be a spontaneous act. Getting your portraits done is an investment for your business. Those photos will be used all over the internet and possibly in printed material as well. It’s the first impression and an overall professional look for your company. I cannot stress enough how a great plan gives a great outcome. Lean on me, your photographer, schedule a call and tell me all about your business. Then I’ll help you come up with a plan. You aren’t alone in this, I’m here for you.

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