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Personal branding is more than a headshot

Personal branding images show your brand story, your intention, and your brand story. I work to show your prospective clients who you are, what you do, and what is unique about you and your business.

Personal Branding is an extension of who you are — an important way in which people remember you in business or your personal life or dating.

The more you can define who you are and what you do, with a clear intention or ‘why’, the more authentic and likeable you come across. This is what is so inviting for new prospects to get to know you and contact you to take the next step.

Your most important objective is to create a solid know-LOVE-trust factor with potential clients or partners, as quickly as possible.

The more prospects understand who you are, see you as a genuine human being that understands their needs, and is someone they might even like to know, the more likely they are to work with you over your competitors, and the more money you will earn. The more money you earn, the more good you can do!

Personal branding more than a headshot at Denver studio

Together, we create a brand image with your unique authenticity and openness through photographs that showcase your story.

Joanna the marketing photographer in my Denver space

What will personal branding images do for you?

  • establish authority, reputation, consistency
  • attract your ideal client with authenticity
  • distinguish your brand
  • show a consistent brand
  • increase know-LOVE-trust factor
  • have a portfolio of images for variety of marketing needs
  • beautiful images for your business and personal use

Show your unique authentic self

You have something no one else has to offer, let that brilliant uniqueness shine through. Showing your unique brand essence not only FEELS better, but also brings in more of the clients you want to work with, your beautiful niche. They will see you and want to work with YOU, not a made-up version that doesn't align with your heart.

What you got for your marketing images - denver photog

Directionals and expressions

An expression and directional pointing images to draw in your clients; to show your message in your xpression as well as your text copy.

Have an image for those serious messages, the funny, the excited, the playful, the curious. and all YOU, your true spirit so people will know you better and want to work with you.

Directionals and expressions for marketing

Directional images, we follow eye gazes to messages

Speaker or teacher -- Show that in your marketing

Authority images in Washington Park Denver

Your image checklist for you marketing needs

Make sure you're covered with a wide variety of images to show you with clients, as an expert in your field, and a diversity of shots to show your story, not just your headshot, your story, your spirit. The more you show, the faster prospects will be interested in working with you, and the more money you'll make. All is expanding your know-love-trust factor. This is often your first impression, make it a great one!

  • headshots
  • at work with clients
  • casual images interacting with co-workers or product
  • client images for testimonials
  • About Me
  • workshop behind the scenes photos
  • audience photos
  • speaking to clients
  • family, pet, or personal hobby
  • consistent, recognizable look

How will you use these images? This is a perfect time to look at your marketing, and take note of where you need images (and/or fresh images!). What kind of marketing are you planning in the next year? Online? Print? Podcasting? Speaking events? All of the above? Do you have some that are life-style and some with plane backgrounds? Light and dark backgrounds? Research what others are doing in your space and see what works for you and your brand message. Here are some ideas to think about.

  • website
  • flyers
  • campaign launches
  • online classes
  • podcasting
  • speaker sheets
  • printed materials
  • business cards
  • collaborations
  • social media profiles
  • social media marketing

Kindness in the Colorado business owner

Being seen and elevating in West Wash Park

On the go and still present in Denver Union Station

Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you market your brand and your business.

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