You deserve to invest in yourself this year

2022 is the year of women. We are rising up from all corners of the world, shouting from the top of our lungs, how great we are, how smart we are, and we are crushing it on the business and leadership front.

Women have less mortality if operated on by a female surgeon.

Women are better CEOs.

Women’s voices and LEADERSHIP matter and make a positive impact.

I could go on and on. Women are taking the lead everywhere; you are no exception. You deserve the best. You’ve worked your tail off to keep up your business through a global pandemic. Maybe you’ve also been a mom, had to go through virtual school with your kids, help them with their mental health while going through a pandemic. Maybe you were a daughter to ailing parents. You had to simultaneously care for your parents while also keeping up with your business. It’s safe to say, we’ve all been through a journey for these past couple of years with lots of ups and downs.

We are seeing women all over, conquer the world, and I want to be part of it. I have photographed so many amazing women who are making positive changes. Making lives better through their work. Making a difference. The world deserves to know about each and every one of you. If you don’t put yourself out there, nobody will see your genius.

My role is to give you amazing photos to use for your social media and marketing campaigns. Personal branding photography is about telling your story in images. You can then take those pictures, post them on your social media while staying true to your brand. The goal is for you to have one less thing to think about when running your business. Having a great selection of brand-specific photos of you, allows you to quickly put together your social media posts, blog posts, brand images on your website, author photos, and/or headshots for when you are published.

We live in a visual world where the average doesn’t cut it anymore. Average gets overlooked as your future clients are scrolling through social media. Classy, well lit, professionally posed to look natural capture attention. It encourages someone to stop for a moment and read your message and click that follow button. I get it, social media is hard. Running a business outside of social media is virtually impossible these days. Putting yourself out there is hard. Having professionally done photos that are specific to your brand, helps you build your business, claim your spot as an expert, and shows the world the type of professional you are.

What you have is too special to not shout it out to the world.

I offer a natural light studio in West Wash Park, Denver, Colorado. I take COVID seriously and provide you with a clean, safe studio space. You can leave your stress a the door step (I sweep it away daily, if you don’t want to pick it back up again). I help with the rest, including arranging for a very talented, skilled (and safety minded) makeup artist to get you ready for your session. You are welcome to bring outfit changes and whatever products you want to be highlighted in your session. Don’t worry, I guide you through the poses and outfits and how to showcase your intention. You tell me what you are using your images for, and we make sure to work with your marketing needs.

This year it’s time for you to shine. Get the branding photoshoot you’ve been wanting to get. Invest in yourself. Believe in yourself. I make the process as easy as I can for you. We go through the session quickly, as I understand that your time is valuable.

If you are curious about having a session with me, let’s talk. I offer a pressure-free consult to discuss your needs.