How to prepare for your headshot session

A great-quality headshot can do great things for your personal branding. Your headshot can be used in so many different ways, and if you come into your session prepared, and know how you want to use your photo, the better results you are going to get. I‘m a big fan of planning ahead. Don‘t make your headshot a last-minute thing. You already decided to invest in your professional image, give it the grace of planning and preparation. Let‘s get to how to prepare for your headshot session.

How to prepare for your headshot session

Avoid sunburn

A couple of days before your session, stay away from activities that risk you getting sunburned. It can be tempting to go boating, skiing, or just spend the day in your backyard. Sunburn results in red swollen skin, and discoloration between the chest, neck, and face. Wear your sunscreen and cover-up.

Get good sleep

This is very mundane advice. We all know we function better when we get good quality sleep. Not only do we feel and perform better, but it reduces swelling, and under eye conditions.

How to prepare for your headshot session

Drink lots of water

Another cliché but a good one. Soda and alcohol increase swelling and redness on our skin, while water helps clean out the toxins in our bodies and reduces swelling and redness.

Know how you will use your images

If you have a plan for how you will use your headshots, talk to me about it. Pinterest and Instagram use very different photo dimensions, and if I know ahead of time that you will need photos for one or both, you get much better photos. If you want to leave negative space with room for text for a banner, let me know and we will make it happen.

How to prepare for your headshot session

Plan your outfits

Do you want your outfit to fit your brand colors, do you have something to say with your outfit, or do you want to look nice and confident? Either way, it’s great to have a plan. When you feel confident and good about yourself, you produce amazing headshots. It’s always a great idea to consult with your photographer when it comes to outfits, we are full of good advice.


Adding accessories to your outfit is a great idea. Make sure to not over-accessorize though. The focus should be on you. Unless your brand is about your accessories, then go nuts!

How to prepare for your headshot session


Do you prefer to do your own make-up, or would you want to use a professional make-up artist? I offer access to a make-up artist who is absolutely amazing and trained in providing make-up services for photo sessions. Either way, consult with your photographer and we will make it happen.


I know this is another mundane piece of advice, but it is vital that you feel comfortable and relaxed during our session. I will do my best to help you relax and feel comfortable, and confident. When you feel good, your produce great photos. Meditate, journal, take a relaxing bath, go out in nature, and do what you need to do if you are feeling stressed. Take care of yourself, you deserve it.

How to prepare for your headshot session


Using props in your headshot can be great if they fit within your personal brand. Are you a product maker, designer, artist, or anything else that bringing a prop helps, then plan on it. Consult with your photographer first so they can plan for your session before you arrive.

Got a pimple or a blemish?

Don’t cancel your session if you get a pimple or other blemishes. It’s easy to Photoshop out and shouldn’t get in the way of your session. Not to mention, make-up often works great to cover them up.

How to prepare for your headshot session

We want you to feel your best, look your best, and feel as confident as you can, which is why planning for your headshot session is incredibly helpful. A well-planned session reduces your stress levels and guarantees success. Talk to your photographer and set up a plan with them, so both of you can be prepared.

If you want to talk about your next headshot session, click here, and let’s talk!