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Content Writer

Along with having incredible images that show your intention and authentic self, get the clever text copy to go with them, meet Andrea!

Andrea Enright is a small town girl, livin' in a Colorado world. She has run The Boot Factor, a storytelling agency, since 2002, helping professionals and companies (Chipotle, Honeywell, Bloomingdales, Daniels College of Business, plenty you've never heard of) express their authentic voice through meaningful messaging. She is a spirited connector and an irreverent speaker (think Denver Startup Week, She Says and General Assembly). Andrea is passionate about running, dancing, motherhood, rock-painting, key-lime pie and avoiding kale. Her past includes plenty of hitchhiking in dangerous countries and a few minor roles in B-movies for the SyFy Channel.

Headshots and content in Denver create a winning combo

Personal Styling

Maegan Watson is a personal stylist and founder at Watson Style Group, a firm dedicated to creating wardrobes that practically hand you your outfit every time you get dressed. So you feel the way you want and love the way you look. She has nearly a decade of experience supporting amazing individuals by building their life-transforming wardrobes. She solves the unending question of “what should I wear today?” so your energy is reserved for family, fulfilling work, and fun! She lives in Telluride, CO, with her son, husband and chocolate lab.

Contact me for more information on the Watson Style Group!

Personal stylist in Colorado, helping women around the world

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