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Before and After

Before and after

Creating an image that shows your intention takes a lot more than a good camera and good lighting. Studying body language, micro expressions, and learning to connect with my clients are what help me bring out their intention, personality, and unique sparkle.

How do you want to be seen? What is your intention? What do you want to say about your business, field, or industry?

Once we understand these elements, we can start building how your session will be designed and how to pose you and what expressions to shine through for your prospects. Tell your brand story and start to make a connection with your prospective clients before they even meet you.

Here are some examples of before and after styling, posing, body language, and micro expressions.

Getting the right wardrobe, understanding what body language works best with your intention and profession, and then connecting and capturing the perfect and most authentic expression.

In the Before here, her wardrobe was too baggy, it looks bulky and makes her look less professional. Her expression is frozen, blank, like she's a million miles away in her thoughts. She's not connected with the viewer. Her body language is stand-offish and not welcoming. It's night and day from the second image, where we adjusted her wardrobe, body language, and expression. It took about 5 minutes to make this change (and that included the time to change clothes)!

Power of Body Language in south Broadway studio

Between these two photos, we reviewed what gets her excited about her industry, her 'why', and went over what three words represent her intention and used them to remind her why she is doing all the hard work. We styled her with a more appropriate outfit, more professional, yet still her style. I gave her a more confident and inviting body language pose. Lastly, we connected her to her audience, I brought out her expression. These are skills that create more than just a headshot, they create a sparkle, a beautiful portrait.

Here the body is closed off, almost an aggressive-type of body language. Here her smile was held too long, and it became inauthentic.

Aggressive body language might not be your intention

After, her body language is open, inviting, welcoming body language. She has a genuine smile.

Personal branding not only headshot at Wash Park studio

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