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Need a quick update? I got you! I created these quick sessions for the busy professional in my quaint renovated church studio -- still incorporating body language, micro expressions to show your intention, light retouching, digital delivery (typically within a day or two of your session). Starting at $288 for 2 images.

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Personal branding

These are more thorough sessions where we look at your brand, your ideal client, and your marketing needs. From there we create a session that is customized to your business needs so are not only fired up about your marketing and offerings, but you get excited about your images as well. These sessions are also a TON of FUN. Packages start at $888.


Much like personal branding, we are working to get your intention, genuine expressions, and your spirit, or essence of you captures. Online dating is about showing as much of your personality and intention as quickly as possible, and images can tell a whole story. These sessions are customized to show your personality and your best self. Packages start at $888.


Celebrate and Empower

Typically for many, getting images done can feel self indulgent, in a weird selfie-generation kind of way, and nerve wracking. All the "what ifs" go through your head, 'what if they don't turn out?', 'what if i get a zit', 'what if they don't look like me, look weird?', 'what will I wear?'

I've been there, and I understand. No one should ever have to feel that way. You have space here, instead, to feel celebrated, empowered, and taken care of. No more putting it off because you want to drop a few pounds, or bulk up, or it's weird having the attention on you; I give you permission to love it, and have fun in the process (and I work hard to make sure you do).

Whether you need to update your website About Me headshots, lifestyle photos, environmental imagery, or a new picture for your LinkedIn or dating profile, I have you covered. I'm happy to work with heart-centered entrepreneurs, realtors, bloggers, board members, attorneys, business owners, families, individuals, or singles looking for love; I am here to support you! I have the shiny skills necessary to make you look your best starting with your intention, to pose, expression, and wardrobe. I take the stress away. Getting a headshot, having a photography session shouldn't have to feel like you're going to get a colonoscopy! No stress, leave it at the door, let's have fun.

Personal Branding all-inclusive packages

Personal branding sessions are to create a portfolio of images (more than a headshot) to show your brand story, your genuine intention in your business. A portfolio of images can take your business and marketing to the next level and speed up the know-love-trust factor for your prospects.

Personal branding photo session are customized and typically include a series of marketing images, portraits, and authority-type (showing you teaching, leading, speaking, book signing). I have packages that encompass all of the above and more. My studio space also hosts events and makes for a wonderful workshop or lecture venue. You can host (and charge attendees) a talk, workshop, seminar, and get professional photos of you as an authority. These types of images are essential in developing your presence as an authority or expert in your field. To learn more, contact me.

  • Detailed brand evaluation and design session
  • Brand-matching styling: color palette and locations/backgrounds
  • Help with wardrobe styling
  • Photography session: headshots, you in action, behind the scenes, products, location images, workshop
  • Digital images with full retouching
  • Size optimization, customized for your specific digital needs
  • Host a workshop/talk at my turn-of-the-century renovated studio
  • Staged authority images with audience in a workshop
  • Photographs of you interacting with people
  • Product photos

Business, Dream, or both? Both!

Sessions can be whatever you want them to be. You can include someone you love in your business session at no extra charge, or we can get some business images for you along with your dream session. We are not all one-sided, 'strictly business', we are multifaceted and have fascinating stories to tell the world. Don't forget the office mascot, those pups deserve a gorgeous headshot too.

You show up and I take care of the rest. Your photography session includes:

  • your pre-consultation, understanding your intention
  • styling, I help you pick your wardrobe for the most flattering look
  • your photo session
  • up to 4 wardrobe changes
  • 2-3 background changes, &/or on-location
  • a lot of ‘you’ time
  • your image reveal

Hair and makeup are also available. I have a fantastic team I work with, just let me know and I'll arrange for it all.

Need something else?

A quickie headshot, team photos, product images, pets (aka the 'office mascot'), family, international locations, other? Give me a call, I am more than happy to create a package that works perfectly for your needs so you can return to doing what you love!

We all have different needs and understanding those need and your intention, your 'why', is essential to an excellent photograph. We will have a good chat about you and your brand, or how you want to be shown and show up for your prospects. I want to capture who you are, not a fake smile. I want your headshot to be an image of your best self, that self that tells your story and that you want to show the world.

How do you want to be photographed?

For more information about what is included and how I customize every session to meet your specific needs, use the form below. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Headshot sessions start at $288
  • Personal Branding packages start at $888

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