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Your wardrobe and style will depend on your intention, your business, and how you want to be perceived. I help navigate your wardrobe and find the best look for your intention. I highly recommend my stylist group, they are magic makers!

Meet my stylist

When you feel good, you look good. The Watson Style Group is an online wardrobe building service for people who want a closet full of good-to-go outfits for an on-the-go life. My stylist gets to know you, your likes, tastes, body type, coloring and then designs a wardrobe to match. Easy peasy. It is an amazing experience, and you’ll have the PERFECT outfits for your session and to carry on into your business and personal life. Contact me for more information and a complimentary style session.

General guidelines


Choose fitted outfits and/or dresses, and even better if they can convert from a professional day look to an evening look. Bring your accessories such as belts, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches, and scarves.

Wear solid colors such as red, black, dark blue. Deep browns, dark greens, and charcoal grays translate very well for the corporate world. Textures such as lace can add a feminine touch and work well for a day-to-evening look.


Generally a couple suits, one a light color and one in a dark color with a couple dress shirts for each suit in light and dark colors, and four ties that will that coordinate with both suits is sufficient. Bring your accessories such as: pocket squares, cuff links, tie clips, watches and dress shoes with socks.

Keep to neutral colors such as black, Grays, Browns, and Blues. Choose fabrics that are solid without patterns as they tend to create a “Moiré Effect” (or visual distortion) on camera. Subtle pinstripes and Seersucker suits are the exceptions.

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