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You are changing the world around you by expanding your business, bringing your soul into it and shining. This is also part of what makes your work unique from the others in your field: you stand out by being YOU. If your 'why' and business take you on adventures around the world, we should make sure you have an incredible portfolio of images to tell that part of your story.

I’m a planetary photographer. I love traveling the globe and bringing in an international flavor for your brand and marketing. Plus, I also get to celebrate what you’re doing for your clients, how your business is serving, and thriving.

Mariah has a lovely way of making me feel at ease and photogenic! Mariah has a natural, conversational way of lighting me up from the inside out with insightful questions, then posing me very comfortably and shooting quickly. I am delighted to reveal my best photos ever! ~Kathleen J.

Amsterdam in the spring is jaw-dropping gorgeousCynthia beaming while enjoying a delicious cafe in a beautiful Amsterdam coffee shop.

Personal branding image portfolios are one of the best ways to reach your prospective clients. I already know you're a heart-centered business, or you wouldn't be here, you're doing something amazing for individuals or the community with your passion and drive. Let's make sure you're telling the best story you can with your images. Images that will draw in your target market, show your intention, are authentic and beautiful. WHy? Aside from it being a ton of fun to meet out on a gorgeous landscape or cityscape, it will help you make more money. Bottom line, we love to contribute and get paid for it. And if your business is thriving, others are thriving as well, and thriving is making the world better, happier, filled with more love and joy.

Amsterdam in Spring is one of the most gorgeous placesTulips overlooking the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Are you now jumping up and down excited to make this happen? (I am!)

Paris in Spring Time and Personal BrandingParis, France

Where are you working, around the globe? Or where do you dream of working? Let's show that story. My goal: to help you get your message out, to help you reach more clients, do more good, spread joy, and make more money.

Paris is an iconic look, is it part of your brand?


If you've bounced around my website, you've noticed I'm a bit passionate about body language, and facial expressions, and authenticity. I'm an avid studier of brain science, micro expressions (those short subconscious expressions), and body language. I use all of this with you, so you can feel relaxed, not have to worry about where and how to look, what to wear, or when to smile. Before every session, we go deep into your intention and who you want to attract; and then I work to bring out your intention and authentic expression.

I want the real you, your spirit, your ESSENCE to shine through. I want your prospective clients to see your images and instantly feel a connection.

“My brand is so personal to me. It is an extension of who I am because as a coach and trainer I must lead others by the way I show up and body language is everything! Mariah’s understanding of this is the equivalent to having a photographer, coach, and marketing expert on set with you - priceless for your business! I’ve been photographed throughout the years by various photographers and none came even close to capturing what Mariah created in my branding images. They are completely congruent with me and what my brand is! I’ve never been happier or more proud to release these photographs in my marketing. ~Joanna Z.

Sassy, strong, and beautiful in Denver

"I am painfully awkward and goofy in front of a camera. As an independent fitness instructor, however, it's important that I have lots of flattering images for my website and other marketing materials. Mariah immediately made me feel at ease; she is funny, professional, and most importantly very detailed about how she wanted me to pose. I never know what to do with my hands or how to smile, and she directed every single position in every single picture down to the tilt of my chin. Her assertiveness helped me to relax by giving me something to focus on. I also was confident that she was very good at what she did, and the pictures she produced confirmed that. I cannot recommend her enough." ~Charis C.

I am excited to start offering London sessionsHello Big Ben! London, United Kindgom

What's included?

What's included

Packages are customized based on individual needs, these are the basics I include:

  • Detailed brand evaluation and design session
  • Brand-matching styling: color palette and locations/backgrounds
  • Wardrobe assistance
  • 3-4 wardrobe changes
  • Photography session designed around your needs: portraits, website banners, expressions, etc.
  • Light retouching on all images
  • 30+ curated images, to get exactly what you need
  • Product photos (if applicable)
  • Size optimization, customized for your specific digital needs
  • Celebration dinner, because we will be hungry!

Big ben, you and me and my savvy and my camera

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