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Dating for Love

Are you ready to find your LOVE this year?

Show your best self, tell your story

Don't wait, the time is now. Getting out in the dating world, being vulnerable, opening your heart, it's not easy. Shifting through profiles and messages, setting up dates, takes work. It's an investment. But it's an investment in one of the most important relationships of your life. You're not looking for a friend to hang out, you're looking for someone to add more joy to your life. You're looking for your soul mate, your partner in joyous adventurous fun! One of the best ways to do that is to 1. do the inner work to remove any fears and old beliefs or stories keeping you from living your best life, feeling full of joy. 2. Be seen and heard. Having an incredible profile is only part of the puzzle. The first part, catch his (or her) eye! When you are ready to dive in and start meeting new souls and to open your heart to your beloved, you are ready for an incredible photo session to get those images to catch his (or her) eye!

In my dating photo session, I have 7 specific image types we aim to capture for you, to make sure we tell the story of YOU. Ideally for most sites the target number is 4-7 images. Just enough to get them interested and wanting more. I've designed this session to get those 7 images.

Customized and curated to show your real self

The session includes 3 outfit changes and typically can take place all in my studio; however, occasionally we will travel to other locations. At the end of your session we go through all the images and select your best looks that show the best sides of you. I will also go through your favorite selfies, to see if there are any worthy of adding to your dating profile portfolio, i.e., that shot of you doing the warrior pose on top of Machu Picchu, or kimono shopping in Japan.

No excuses

"Pictures always turnout horrible!" "I'm not photogenic." "I want to lose some weight first." Does this sound familiar? These are my FAVORITE phrases. It's not your job to be photogenic or know what angle looks best on you or what expression makes your eyes sing. That's my job, and I love being able to make beautiful portraits and headshots. Even your LinkedIn profile picture should be of your best self, and I'm here to help you get that. Imagine being a cover model for a day. Imagine feeling like royalty. Imagine a dream session in Paris or Venice. My team can travel the world to give you an unforgettable experience and incredible images.

All ease and play

I make sure your session is stress-free. I help you decide wardrobe, styling, poses, expression, you don’t have to worry about how ‘photogenic’ you are, that’s my job. I also have a hair and makeup artist and a stylist that will go to your home and help you select & suggest the best wardrobe for your session (optional additional services).

Be rebellious

Contact me today for free image review consult

Contact me today and we'll set up an image review in which I'll review your current images, look at expression, body language, and quality, and how we can create an amazing portfolio that highlights your intention and spirit.

Why wait any longer, call to find out how we can create incredible images to get you seen!

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