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Hi there! I’m Mariah Ehlert, not only a Portrait Photographer, but also a certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, Master Nutrition Therapist, Great Lover of Tea, and a Rebel. I want to teach you tools to live with ease, calm our stress response, and be healthier in mind and body. I want to empower you with tools to help heal, celebrate, and find that tickly beautiful joy. Your dreams are worth manifesting. And for most of us this requires navigating our way through stress, tricky mindset shifts, and entraining a powerful pathway for joy.

If we take care of ourselves, love, and celebrate who we are, what we've learned, how we've grown, we will have an abundant cup to share with others. We become an example to those around us, our children, family, friends. We can empower others to love themselves as well.

To be clear, I am not a neuroscientist nor am I a therapist. Consider me your brain coach, showing you some insight into why your brain does what it does, so we can optimize it and improve our daily lives.

My approach to healing can often be atypical (rebellious side of me), but that is what worked for me, on my own healing path. I am a bit quirky and love, scifi, board games, the feel of dirt and rock under my shoes. Early mornings, tea, and dark chocolate make my heart sing.

Visit my meditation website here to learn more.

I'm a Neurosculpting Meditation Facilitator in Denver

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